My First Year of University

My first year at University has truly been an education, I started in September planning to commute daily to Dublin where I knew no one to study Communications. In the months since September a lot has changed, by the end of the first day I no longer knew no one and in October I stopped commuting and moved up to Dublin.

What I’ve learnt far extends what I’ve learnt inside my lectures and seminars, in fact most of what I did learn in them I applied for my essays, projects and exams and soon after forgot, it’s only a few pieces of information that still stay with now. What I have learnt outside of the lecture halls however, that has really stuck with me.

Video and Photo, as you know, are my main areas if interest and so I joined the Media Production Society and Fotosoc to improve my skills in these areas respectively. Through these I have learnt many skills and gained invaluable experience in both areas, both of which I could not have gotten solely through the academic side.

I have done things I never imagined doing before I came here, such as going around Berlin at 3am in winter to take photos and staying awake for 30 hours to produce a 24hour TV broadcast! I have gained friends that I hope to last a lifetime, my first year has been spectacular, all I can say now is Roll on Second Year!!

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