Trip Along the Dublin Coast

Going on the Dart to the coast and getting a fish and chips by the seaside has always been on of my favourite things to do when the weather gets moderately warm and this is what I did way back in April when the first sprinklings of the sun began to appear in Ireland.

Dublin Coast-1

I took my full camera gear with me in the hopes of getting some stock footage I could use in a future video but by the time I’d gotten to my final destination I was inspired to make this video of my day.

The coast itself is a beautiful place and along with the footage at the start of the video I got these photos while I was on my trip. The unfortunate truth is that this beauty is being destroyed, I started my trip in Bray and worked my way north to Howth via Dun Laoighre and the further north I got the worse the litter got.  I can only hope that at least one person will see my video and then think before throwing their bottle onto the rocks, because if everyone does their part, slowly but surely the beauty of the coast will re-emerge.

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