The Botanic Gardens

Since I was very young I have always loved the botanic gardens and no matter how many times I visit them, I never get bored. Every time I go something is new to look at and when I went last week, things were no different. After a 30 minute walk trough suburbia, crunching leaves on the pavement like a child as I went, I arrived at the gardens.

Gate to the National Botanic Gardens

It’s amazing the calm that greets you as soon as you walk into the gardens, the hustle and bustle of Glassnevin leans against the wall but never quite makes it in. A picture says a thousand words they say so I shall just leave these here and urge you, should you ever be in the area, to pay a visit to the gardens.


The Pond

The Forrest Path

Pine Tree


Couple Statue

All these photos were taken on film using my Canon AE-1 Program, it was the only piece of ‘technology’ I took into the gardens that day, spending time away from technology and ‘in’ nature is surprisingly enjoyable, another thing I recommend you do should try!


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