Behind Urban Barre

Last December I partook in a photoshoot with Conor-Palin Stewart where we juxtaposed ballet dancers in an urban setting. I decided to have the dancers using existing city objects as ballet barre’s to help fit the dancers into the unusual places they would be.

En Pointé-3

Urban Barre 3

This was to be my first photoshoot with people, previously I had only assisted in shoots or shot locations so it was a sharp learning curve, but I quickly got into it and Caitríona and Loren were great to work with. The plans I went into the shoot with I found I didn’t really keep, locations we passed often inspired us and ones I had in mind to begin with just didn’t work when we got to the location.

En Pointé-6

Urban Barre 5

Technically, I shot the entire series on my Canon AE-1 Program, film is currently my medium of choice and this camera is a dream to shoot with, as always with film I found myself thinking more about every shot which is just what I needed in this shoot. The only way I found my camera held me back is that I had to manually wind the film on, when shooting with people you really need to take a few photos of each potential shot to ensure you get the exact right pose, etc., I have since bought a power winder so on future photo shoots this won’t be an issue. The lack of waterproofness of it also proved a slight issue, but noting a sandwich bag couldn’t solve!

En Pointé-1

This shoot has definitely inspired me to shoot more with models and do more photo series and I have a few in the works so stay tuned!

The full series can be viewed here, Conor’s series ‘En Pointé’ can be viewed here.

Many thanks go to Conor-Palin Stewart, AP Richard Murray and models Caitríona Osborne & Loren-Katie Logan.

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