During a recent Holiday to Cologne my friends and I decided to make a quick day trip to Bonn, and what a good decision it was, we only had 3 hours there but we made the most of it and enjoyed every moment!

Getting there from Cologne is easy, the U16 and 18 both go there and with a five person ‘Tagesticket’ it is very reasonable (€25.30 for upto 5 people), both trains travel overground when they get out of the centre of the cities so you get a great view of rural Germany during the hour long journey, if you’re not a fan of long journeys you can do it in under 10 mins by the more expensive bullet train!

The UBahn

Town Model

When we arrived in Bonn we went straight for the the first landmark we could see which was the Market Square, while unfortunately the market wasn’t open the day we were there we did spot a town model which showed how different and interesting the architecture of the town is, it also gave us an idea of where to go next!

Mini Bonn

Main Boulevard

Stretching a mile from the Hauptbahnhoff (Main train station) Bonn has a central boulevard between two old castles (now museums). It’s wide with a grass bank and trees and old houses lining the outside, it was well worth the walk. For us walking down in the middle of January, it was a bit cold and the trees were bare, but where you to visit in spring the boulevard would be lined with tree blossoms.

Bonn's Boulevard

Beethoven Haus

The birth house of Ludwig Van Beethoven is one of the towns foremost attractions even boasting its own stop on the cities S-Bahn system. Due to restrictions photos aren’t allowed so I can’t show you the inside but I can tell you that it was fascinating and well worth a visit, the peacful music of Beethoven fills the air as you walk around!

My friends and I in the garden of Beethoven's house

My friends and I in the garden of Beethoven’s house

Upon finishing our visit to the Beethoven Haus our time in Bonn had come to an end and we had to make our way back to Bonn Hauptbahnhoff to get our train to Cologne. It was a short but sweet visit and it’s somewhere is highly recommend you go if you’re in the area, I don’t think there’d be enough there to keep you interested for a week but it’s interesting attractions and really pleasant feeling captivated us for an afternoon anyway!

My photos from Bonn (all taken on film) can be seen on my flickr here.

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