Night Photography

Conor and Ashton who I traveled with to the Brandenburg Gate

Conor and Ashton who I traveled with to the Brandenburg Gate

There is something about photos taken at night, even the most ugly of places can look beautiful at night and when you shoot something genuinely beautiful, the results are phenomenal!

My obsession with night photography started while on holidays in Berlin last year, sitting in the hostel two of my friends and I decided to go for a 3am walk to the Brandenburg gate, I didn’t have the proper equipment (a tripod!) with me, nor did my photos turn out amazing, but instantly I was hooked on night photography!

My next night shoot was when I got back home right outside my apartment block (this is the bit about ugly places!) and I was pleasantly surprised by how good I could make the centre of Ballymun look at night!


Since then I have been working on and perfecting my night photography technique in much more photogenic places! From Dublin’s Four-courts, to Cologne’s Cathedral and London’s Tower Bridge and now owning a travel tripod I plan on taking night photos everywhere I go!

Below is a few selects from my night photo shoots, my full set can be found on my flickr.

Four Courts at Night

Samuel Beckett Bridge

The lift

Jubilee Bridge

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