Evernote Camerga Roll 20150606 115300I’m not the first and certainly won’t be the last to admit that I don’t always ‘get’ modern art. The abstract, representative figures aren’t something I always understand, but just because I don’t understand them doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate them. The Irish Museum of Modern Art is located in the old Royal Hospital Kilmainham and it’s one of my favourite places in Dublin to visit.

I most recently went there two weeks ago to get a few shots for instagram and IMMA delivered, the gardens are amazingly photogenic and the installations and art within the museum too are perfect for photos. I started my visit with a trip to the gardens where I had my picnic lunch in peace before going into the main museum


At the time I was there the main installations on show were by Karla Black and Diogo Pimentão. Both proved very interesting to walk around and for photography, they presented great opportunities!

IMMA is a place I can highly recommend visiting should you be in Dublin. It’s 10 mins walk from the Heuston luas stop, entry is free and as you have probably guessed photography is allowed in most exhibitions (best check though before you shoot), you’ve no excuse not to visit!


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