Hot Chocolate

Those who know me will know I’m a lover of good hot chocolate, ever since my visit to Fassbender and Rausch (Berlin), I’ve been keeping track of every hot chocolate I’ve had on Pinterest. Now, 18 months and 50 hot chocolates later, I thought I’d do an update on my top hot chocolates in various categories before my top 3 overall hot chocolates…so far!





While in Bloom last year I spotted a stall in the food tent for Áine’s Hand Made Chocolates and when I noticed they sold hot chocolate, I immediately purchased one to drink that evening. After having that one in the evening I proceeded to buy 4 more the next day! It has a great chocolatey taste to it and it only needs to be stirred into hot milk to make, simples! I’ve since seen it being sold in Fallon & Byrne’s and in Avoca, both on Dublin City’s South side.


Wandering around in Belfast’s St. Georges Market I came upon O’Conaill’s chocolates. Their hot chocolate is very good if a little scalding! They’re actually based in Cork City and have a chocolate café there, which is one of the places I’ll have to visit next time I’m there to check that it’s just as amazing as from their stall in Belfast. I’m sure it will be, hence it’s getting my Irish top spot!


Last Summer, my friend Clare (Also a lover of hot chocolate) and I planned on meeting up for a Hot Chocolate in London when we were both there and so for the madness of it, we choose The Ritz! Upon getting there however we discovered that Hot Chocolate was no longer on the menu! When the waiter saw us laughing reading the menu he came over to check everything was ok, we explained how we’d planed to go there for hot chocolate all summer and he replied ‘say no more’ and disappeared. He soon returned with a golden teapot full of hot chocolate and a plate of Cinnamon Biscotti. The Hot Chocolate was very nice, but not good enough to get in my top three, due to the experience however, it had to get a mention. When we complemented the biscotti, the waiter brought us a second larger plate which was all complementary, I cannot stress how excellent the service and experience there is!


#3Choccywoccydoodah, London/Brighton

Choccywoccydoodah operates two small boutique cake shops in London (Soho) and Brighton (The Lanes). I have been to both and in neither was I disappointed, upstairs in their shops are cafes which serve immense hot chocolate. It’s served with huge marshmallows, cream and chocolate shavings and isn’t for the faint hearted! Not only is it my third favourite hot chocolate, but also my top Hot Chocolate pick in the UK!


Lindt Museum, Cologne

Situated on the bank of the Rhine in Cologne is the ‘Schokoladenmuseum’ or Lindt Chocolate Museum. The museum itself follows the story of chocolate’s history and how it’s made today but in the foyer is a huge chocolate café. Collected from a giant chocolate fountain and served with freshly whipped cream it was exactly like drinking a chocolate bar, just as it should be!


#1Fassbender and Rausch, Berlin

Despite trying 50 places since visiting F&R back in February last year, I have yet to find anything to beat it’s amazing hot chocolate. Including their own make it at home hot chocolate which was no where near the same! I cannot describe in words how amazing it is, all I can say is that if you ever visit Berlin, GO THERE!! And if you’re not planning on visiting Berlin, PLAN TO!!

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