I’ve done a lot of travel in the past few months, but my exploring has always involved catching a flight and leaving the country. So, back at the start of the month I took a bus journey three hours north of Dublin to the seaside town of Bundoran, for a weekend of snapshots and surfing, here at home in Ireland.

We arrived late Friday night into a dark and closed town, we had five minutes after arriving before the only shop still open was closed for the night and the scramble was immense! Perhaps it was just because I’d been on a bus for over three hours, but the sea air was so refreshing and instantly made me feel relaxed. We spent the evening with take-aways, jenga and coastal walks, I was growing to love the town, and I hadn’t even seen it yet!

The Saturday turned out to be the perfect day and we started it by going to the beach. The sun was shining and the water (relatively) warm (ish) so it was a morning spent bare foot taking snaps on the sand. Being off-season it was so quiet and basically just my friends and I on the beach.

Writing in the Sand

Following the beach and a quick spot of lunch it was off to our first surfing lesson at Rossnowlagh beach. The surf was perfect and the two hours flew by, surprisingly I wasn’t completely useless at surfing and managed to stand up a few times. Towards the end of the lesson I grabbed my waterproof camera for a few snaps in the waves.


We finished the day with a trip to Sligo and the Gleniff Horse Shoe. The rolling hills filled our view in every direction as we took the bus out, it was spectacular. Unfortunately the rain decided to start then so we only had a few minutes to enjoy the scenery before we were back on the bus and on our way back to Bundoran.

The Stream

We finished our only full day with a barbecue by the beach, good friends and good food, no better way to spend an evening. Our final day started with a bright an early surfing lesson followed by the long bus back to Dublin. It was a short trip but such a good one, I may have taken too many cameras though…

Photo by Andrew McConnell

Photo by Andrew McConnell

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