Revisiting Brighton

Brighton is one of my favourite cities, it’s the perfect mix of seaside and city. On a recent trip to London, I paid a visit and it didn’t disappoint.

There are two things I’ve always associated with Brighton, sun (I’ve only ever visited in August) and seagulls and I was Greeted by both! It was 27 degrees in the city as I got off my train and the cloud-free sky was filled with gulls, their calls and the sound of the sea filled the air.


The first place to visit in Brighton is always going to be the sea. The beach is stoney but a lovely walk and blue and white deck chairs populate its entirety. One of my favourite places to sit and relax is around West Pier, I could stare at it all day and it’s constantly eroding structure changes every time I visit, maybe one day it will be repaired but for now it’s a fascinating ruin.


When the heat of the beach got too much it was on to The Lanes, filled with Brighton’s best independent shops it’s the perfect way to spend an afternoon. I got myself a milkshake in Choccywockydoodah to help cool down as I walked around, or at least that was the excuse I used!


One major change to Brighton since my last visit was the installation of the i360, a vertical cable car/viewing platform which goes 162 meters above Brighton to offer phenomenal views. It opened just prior to my visit so the queues were long (you can book online to avoid them) but it was worth it to see the views over the city. Photographing the city from above is a tad difficult however due to reflections on the glass, it makes it something you have to do to experience.


A day in Brighton isn’t complete without fish and chips from the Palace Pier. Just be careful to keep it covered as you eat so you don’t have to share your dinner with the seagulls!


All my photos from this trip to Brighton are on Flickr.


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