Back to basics

My new camera has arrived! However, while I was in between cameras I decided to use my old Lomography camera for a week, it has no settings you just compose and shoot, it’s back to basics photography.

The week I was ‘normal camera-less’ was a busy one, I was at a car show and visited the botanic gardens as well as my usual plans so I had plenty to photograph. The film I decided to load into my Diana Mini camera was ‘Lomochrome Purple’ which picks up purple tones in everything to give an almost infrared look. I had problems developing it however, it got jammed in my reels and my developer was a tad (2 months…) out of date, so the colours are very interesting all together!

It’s nice to just take a stop back every now and then though, just point and shoot. The resuts are in no ways amazing but they have a certain charm to them, just the fun of basic cameras I suppose.

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