5 hours in Warsaw

I’ve said it on my blog before, cheap flights are a dangerous thing! Because of the way flights worked out for my recent trip to Krakow, we got to enjoy a few hours in Warsaw too for essentially nothing. So here’s how my friends and I spent our very short time in Warsaw.

warsaw-h1One danger of cheap flights is that the airports are often miles away, as is the case with Warsaw’s Modlin airport which is an hour away by bus (train takes longer because of transfers). Luckily the prices start from 9zł online (~€2.30) and the journey is enjoyable, the airport is in the Polish countryside so you can see every part of Warsaw as you speed in right to the city centre.

warsaw-h2On arriving in Warsaw, we first set about wandering around the city in the direction of the Old town. When we arrived it was -2°C and snowing, so we were wandering around a winter wonderland. The highlight of our walk was the park and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, both perfect for photo opportunities!

warsaw-h3On arriving in the Old Town it began to feel like we’d arrived in Christmastown, the tree was still up and lit and with the snow gave it a really festive feel. The buildings here are very pretty and the area has a lovely feel to it, the Old Town is also perfect for picking up postcards and other gifts as tiny little souvenir shops are hidden in many of the picturesque buildings.

warsaw-h4Those of you who know me personally will probably be dreading hearing about me Ice Skating, (I’m notoriously unbalanced) but at 10zł an hour (~€2.50), we couldn’t say no! Going around in circles in an outdoors rink with snow falling all around you (and having to be shovelled off the ice) is truly magical. Miraculously I managed not to fall over too, the perfect way to end the day!

warsaw-h5We finished the day by getting the tram back to the train station and getting dinner before hopping on the train to Kraków. Our visit to the city was short but sweet, it left us wanting more, but also wondering if we had stayed longer if there would have been much more to do. It’s a tiny city and we felt like we explored it all in those few short hours. If you have an opportunity to pay a visit while in the area I highly recommend it, particularly if it’s going to be snow covered!

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