Top Film Photography Blogs

Film photography is pretty niche, so when I can’t geek out about it with my friends I love to turn to blogs and see other people as interested in it as me. Blogs are such a handy way to keep up to date with the latest developments in film photography and also to get tips and tricks on all sorts of techniques. This week I thought I’d make a list of some of my favourite blogs to give you some inspiration.

Japan Camera Hunter
No list of film photography blogs could ever be created without including Bellamy Hunt’s ‘Japan Camera Hunter’ blog. The blog is one of the most up to date I have ever come across and has multiple posts each week on different film topics for readers to geek over. In addition to the blog, Hunt runs a shop off his blog selling the most useful film cases ever created (I own 5!) and a service for sourcing (or hunting!) any film camera you may desire.

Film’s Not Dead
The popular hashtag #FilmIsNotDead can really be seen on this blog, frequent news updates show how much film is still used and keeps you up to date with any new developments. Regular Guest blogs keep it interesting too so it can really become your one stop shop for all things film photography online.

Casual Photophile
One of my favourite blogs to read is Casual Photophile, the content is second to none. Excellently produced comprehensive posts on all sorts of topics, from reviews of cameras and lenses to film profiles, it gives you all the information you’d need before trying something new. Before buying my new camera and lens I went straight for their reviews to read up and know exactly what I was in for.

I still Shoot Film
With weekly posts on the best photography related equipment deals out there, multiple posts explaining various techniques and a comprehensive beginners guide, I Still Shoot Film is the perfect place to find information if you’re looking for advice! I’m particularly a big fan of the resources section which gives you a list of everywhere that still stocks film photography equipment, although it would be more useful if I had a US postal address!

Negative Feedback
Technically George Muncey’s ‘Negative Feedback’ is a video blog, but it deserves a place on any list of film photography blogs. Every week there’s a new video on a different technique, camera, guest or something else related to film photography. The videos are always so engaging and are visually stunning, the quality is second to none and it shows in how fast the channel has grown. Along with the videos, Muncey also produces a zine of viewers shots and manages a facebook community for fellow film shooters.

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