MSP 2: The Equipment

“The best camera is the one you have with you,” “equipment isn’t important, it’s about using what you have,” all things I’ve said in the past, but also for my summer project it’s something I can control and so for the second instalment of ‘MSP’ I’m going outline what equipment I’m going to be using to create my images, and why I’ve chosen to use them.

My go to camera these days is, of course, My Canon A1. I’ve been shooting it for just over six months now and it’s become almost like an extension of my arm. I’m going to be pairing it with my 50mm 1.4 as it’s how I see the world these days. While some people tend to use projects to try something new, for my first project I don’t want anything getting between me and my subjects so I’ll just be shooting how I’m most comfortable.

This project is going to be one like almost like street photography, so the film choice had to be Tri-X and of course, nothing could be more apt to develop it than Rodinal Special, quick, cheap and a classic combination. I’m choosing to pull the film for this project, I shot Tri-X at 200 last year and really liked the look, having the lower ISO will also allow me to shoot at wider apertures, getting what I think are nicer portrait shots.

The final part of my equipment trilogy is what I’m going to be using for printing. I’m going to be printing my contact sheets and final prints in the Gallery of Photography in Dublin and I’m lucky enough to have full access to their darkroom and equipment as a member. In terms of paper, I’ll be using Ilford Deluxe MGIV in a Pearl finish as it’s what I’ve used before and I’ve been very happy with the results. I’ll be making 8×10 prints of all my final selects and from them, I’ll scan and digitise the prints, only edits to remove dust will be allowed from this point, it’s going to be as analogue as possible.

My Third instalment of My Summer Project will be a post car shows update and will probably not be released until August when most of the shows are over, and the developing and the printing can begin!

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