While I am now a freelancer, ex-chairperson of Fotosoc and a photographic contributor to The College View newspaper, I have been shooting photos for as long as I can remember. From a film point and shoot camera as a child to the current DSLR and assorted film cameras that I use today, I can rarely be seen without a camera in my hand. A photograph is a freeze-frame of a moment gone by, I aim to these capture moments before they are gone and allow them to live on forever in a photo.


My clients have included DCU, Pop The Cherry Comedy, Vision Independent Productions and the DCU and St. Pats Student Unions’ where I have photographed all sorts of events from comedy shows to formal balls and dance performances to night club work, as well as running photo booths at entrances to events.


For my personal photography I am now shooting almost exclusively film as I love the process and simplicity of it. I pair my love of photography with my love of travel and so much of my personal photography is from the various trips I go on. In order to pursue my film photography skills I was awarded an Arts Bursary from Dublin City University in 2015/16, this has allowed me to begin to develop my own film and my photography is every improving as I learn more about the process.


My most up to date portfolio can be found on my flickr.